Here are some of my recent short fiction stories. I hope you'll enjoy reading them as much as i've enjoyed coming up with them. If you want to read more of my fiction or screenplay work, or to discuss any sort of collaboration, contact me here!


The king of Naples

‘Don Totò, pardon my insolence, but we can’t wait anymore. We gotta go. Now!’

Don Antonio, with his slow, pondered ways and slurred cadence, waves in my general direction from his velvet armchair and, without even bothering to look towards me, says ‘Vabbene, vabbene. I understood. You get the car and I’ll be there in two minutes’.


old man

Dinner for one

It would have been hard not to notice this eccentric old man scuttling through the morning crowds in a deep-green corduroy suit and dazzle-polished shoes carrying a small bunch of cut flowers in his hand.



Romance is dead

Sandra wakes up promptly, every morning, at 5.30 am sharp. No exceptions, Sundays included, her slick hausmeister operation springs into action. She yawns down the stairs, a splash from the cold tap to revive her tired eyes, and she’s on, reprising the role she’s grown accustomed to over the years, that of relentless goddess of the domestic abode.