A few lines about me.

I am Claudio.
No-nonsense. Political. Irreverent.
Self-shooting from the hip. Just give me a camera and a brief.

Italian by birth, with a special love for all things Welsh. I spent my formative years following the strong tradition of experimental and non-naturalistic 20th century theatre, scouring for truth in what was (and generally still is) an intrinsically plastic artform. I questioned the gaze of the audience. Then questioned myself through and through and decided to laugh instead.

With a healthy dose of self-doubt I began to write fiction. As I ad-libbed my way into a proper media job with the awesome kids at tantrwm, writing became a prominent aspect of my professional output.

Then I went back to school to tie up loose ends. Sharpen up. Get political. I pointed cameras at people who were afraid of guns, and got afraid of people pointing guns at cameras.

These days you’ll find me – most likely – in Cardiff or thereabouts, tending to my precious new little startup, Dogmafilms.co.uk We make docs. ❤️